C33 DB

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Frontpolished, suitable for winteruse

Five Y-spokes and even more revolutionary in performance
All manufacturers of noble brake systems will thank you for this extremely airy wheel design. Their masterpieces will compete with the rim in terms of aesthetics. The rim has five Y-spokes that look like elegantly counter-rotated double spokes almost up to the bolt circle - only to bend energetically at the last moment, leaving hardly any space for the wheel bolts. Yet the C33 is only visually delicate. In terms of material quality and finish, it is as durable and robust as is obligatory and self-evident at CMS!
While the bolt circle practically disappears mystically one level down, the hub ends of the spokes point like five fingers to the CMS logo on the cover. The ten other ends of the spokes, on the other hand, are reminiscent of a cat's claws. They hold the rim flange in its orbit seemingly without effort.
To top the superlatives of the C33, CMS also offers the anniversary wheel in BRONZE: The C33-BRONZE satisfies the hunger of car tuners for ever more refined visual possibilities and will cut a brilliant figure with many of the car paints currently in demand.
Like all CMS wheels, the C33 is excellently equipped to withstand all weather conditions - even in winter - thanks to its triple paint finish.


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