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"We need to set high goals even though they may seem impossible, but it is our obligation to our children and future generations. Legal requirements are not enough to achieve this." (Sustainability Coordinator CMS)

Under the guiding principle "Wheels into Future", we have been strategically committed to sustainability for over 10 years.

Despite our growth strategy, the environment and social components have been among our central issues from the very beginning.
We see it as our responsibility to lead the way with a sustainable growth model. We define clear quantifiable goals and involve all stakeholders in the value chain.

We are proud to have already achieved a lot:
- Saving raw materials
- Reduction of environmental impacts, especially energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions
- Reduction of water consumption, e.g. through waste water management
- Reduction and recycling of waste, especially aluminium waste and aluminium chips
- Creating a healthier working environment for employees

Simply by choosing suppliers that use renewable energy sources, the carbon footprint can be reduced by 40%. We have a 5-year plan to reduce CO2 emissions by 15% compared to 2020.


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