C32 Aero DBBlue

7.5x19; 8.0x19
Whole application
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Polished wheel with colored clear coat finish, optimized for hybrid and electric vehicles, wheel with lower air resistance, suitable for winter use

An almost fully enclosed design and what lies behind it.

At first glance, the CMS C32 Aero primarily plays up its optical advantages. Designed with a sensitive hand, the almost fully closed surface has been given a sporty and sexy line. But why is CMS suddenly being so generous with the cast aluminum that has been used so weight-consciously up to now? - "Weight-conscious we still are. But for e-cars, the key is to improve aerodynamics and thus air resistance."

Nevertheless, the C32 Aero is anything but a pure design tribute to the wind tunnel. At CMS, the focus is on car drivers. Their aesthetic sensibilities are more than satisfied, despite the economical design. The C32 Aero never appears too massive. On the contrary, its electrifying sportiness places it uncompromisingly in the league of OEM wheels in the Audi, BMW, Peugeot, Kia or Mercedes electric world.

The diamond black blue color reflects the symbolic color of the electric drives. After all, the color blue stands for innovation, technology and reliability. A statement for all fans of emission-free vehicles."


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