C25 Gold

7.0x17; 7.5x18; 8.0x19; 8.5x20; 9.0x20
Whole application
4 & 5
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Design-Awarded wheel, motorsportlook, classik rim-well, suitable for winter

Dynamic Power with the new CMS C25. A bravura development of the tradition of the cross-spoke wheels regarding to the current designs from motorsport. The thin spoke optics and the convex curved spoke guide give the wheel maximum sportiness and elegance. The spokes sit directly on the polished horn and seem to push the rim inward. The recessed triangular pockets in the center of the wheel continue the lines of the cross spokes to the hub and perfect the look of the design.Gold wheels are currently in vogue to set the scene for a vehicle. Fictitiously a bit pretentious but visually clearly classic de Luxe


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