C22 GG

6.0x15; 6.5x16; 6.5x16 Van; 7.0x16; 7.5x17; 7.5x18; 8.0x18
Whole application
4 & 5
Add. information
several ECE approvals, suitable for winter use

With the genes of an automotive icon, the CMS C22 impresses with its powerful charisma. Five strong double spokes suggest the power and calm of a clear favorite. Its ten spoke ends stretch to the very edge of the rim to give the wheel maximum visual size. Whether it's an unstated finish in racing silver, a futuristic glossy titanium look or a noble glossy black, the CMS C22 underscores the individuality of a vehicle and its driver in every case.

Thanks to its 3-layer paint finish, it is of course suitable for winter use and gives the vehicle full power even in the cold months.


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