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6.5x16; 7.5x17
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100% ECE, Approvals for Audi, Mercedes, Seat, Skoda, VW, suitable for winter use

A wheel discreet, elegant and yet exuding dynamism at once. Its special optical finesse of three visible levels and sporty agility represent here technology and functionality, durable performance features and extreme robustness, especially for the winter months. The first model from CMS with ECE R-124 approval!
Due to European guidelines of the "Economic Commission for Europe" , ECE R124, the European wheel market demands more and more for wheels with ECE standard. ECE wheels are based on the technical dimensions of the original wheel, which are already registered in the vehicle documents and also include a surface test. The wheels are marked from the outside with the ECE symbol and the ECE approval number. No chargeable acceptance is required throughout Europe and no documents need to be carried. This means: mount the wheels, drive off and enjoy your ride.


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