CMS – Wheels into Future

CMS will be using energy from its own solar plant

Under the motto "Wheels into Future", we have been strategically committed to sustainability for over 10 years. We see it as our responsibility to lead the way with a sustainable growth model.
Essential for this was the investment in a solar park, the planning of which has been finalised several years ago. Now the first part with 7.8 mwe is being connected to the grid. With the aim of generating the entire energy
requirements of our production from solar energy, the power plant will be further expanded to 46.5 mwe.

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CMS C35 - New design for the adventurer's market

With the C35 pick-up, CMS is entering the market of automotive adventurers.

The new design will win the hearts of all pick-up users - regardless of whether they are purely commercial vehicles that have to master difficult terrain or are used as freshly polished vehicles for cruising in the urban jungle. The muscular design of the C35 with 5 double spokes and a striking end angle on the rim flange underlines the powerful appearance in every use - as a statement in all black or for a glamorous appearance with diamond polished spokes, the new design effortlessly finds its fans.

The wheel is produced in 7.5x17 and 8.0x18 with the bolt circles 6x114.3 and 6x139.7


CMS extends partnership with W&S Motorsport in the NLS 2024

CMS is continuing its collaboration with W&S Motorsport and is already starting its third season in the Nürburgring endurance series this year.

Three new drivers will be competing in the Porsche 718 Cayman GT4:
In Moritz Oberheim, Daniel Schellhaas, Team chef of W&S Motorsport, has been able to recruit one of the fastest Porsche Cayman drivers.
Lucas Daugaard from Denmark won the Danish championship in Formula 5 and Joshua Bednarski from France
already gained experience in the Porsche Cayman GT4 in 2023 and will complete his first full season on the Nürburgring Nordschleife in 2024.
CMS's confidence in W&S Motorsport is unlimited. The results of the last races already promised good prospects.
We look forward to many successful and eventful race weekends with our fans!


Striking highlights, aero wheels, metallic colours and fabulous classic wheels

In 2024, four new designs enrich the CMS wheel range.

In 2024, four new designs enrich the CMS wheel range.
- CMS C35 Pick-Up opens up the adventurer market for CMS
- CMS C36 presents itself as a striking multi-layer wheel, a design highlight for sports cars
- CMS C37 evolves its predecessor C20 with aggressive attributes, fine spokes and the currently popular part diamond finish
- CMS C38 is a dramatically elegant aero alternative for fans of exclusive saloon cars.
In addition, CMS offers a programmable TPMS solution with the new Z-sensors, the smallest and lightest sensor available on the global aftermarket.

You can already view and download our new catalogue and the design brochure on our website under "Download"!
Take a look at the freshly printed CMS wheel catalogue and be inspired!


CMS receives the Premio Award again - 2nd award in a row

The retailers of the Premio Group have once again voted CMS as Supplier of the Year 2023 in the category alloywheels.

The award from GRS-Premio stands for values such as: Reliability and delivery service, product range, complaints and satisfaction. We have always been passionate about wheels and put our heart and soul into our work! This award honors and motivates us all the more. We would therefore like to thank all Premio Group retailers and our after-market teams in Izmir, Bremen and St. Leon-Rot.


CMS C34 - New design in the uninterrupted 5-spoke trend

5-spoke wheels - an expression of unlimited sportiness.

The 5-spoke trend is unbroken, so the development of a new design was obligatory. Modern design elements and the rim flange shaped in typical CMS style create recognition and give the C34 its sporty attitude. The deeply moulded centre, the tapering lines to the outside and its optical spoke extension in the rim flange make the timeless 5-spoke design a teaser. With the C34, CMS is creating a further enrichment of the current wheel range.

Due to its ECE certification, the C34 can be fitted to many vehicles without registration and without having to carry an operating licence.

The C34 is produced in the following sizes and applications:
7,0 x 17 – 5x100 / 5x108 / 5x110 / 5x112 / 5x114,3 / 5x120
7,5 x 18 – 5x108 / 5x112 / 5x114,3
7,5 x 19 – 5x108 / 5x112 / 5x114,3


C29 Aero – the best for two worlds

Anyone switching from a combustion engine to a hybrid or electric vehicle has reason to rejoice:
The C29 Aero offers the best of both worlds: A 5 cm wide aero lip reduces air resistance and optimises energy efficiency, while 5 narrow, accentuated double spokes characterise agility and sportiness. Painted with high-quality "dinner" black and diamond silver polished, the C29 Aero flatters almost every current top-selling car body.

In winter, we guarantee full suitability for salt water, ice and grit, as a result of production in accordance with the guidelines required by premium vehicle manufacturers and the triple coating with high-quality paints.

The C29-Aero is available in the following sizes:
7,5x18 –> 5x108 / 5x112 / 5x114 / 5x120
8,5x18 –> 5x112 / 5x114
8,0x19 –> 5x108 / 5x112 /5x120
8,5x19 –> 5x108 / 5x112 / 5x114
9,5x19 –> 5x112 / 5x114


Beauties in Black

Wheels in glossy black are trendy in summer as well as during the winter season!

A noble glossy black finish is not seasonal and is part of the claim of a top design. If it appears sporty and aggressive on its own, it impressively enhances the bodywork on the vehicle. Silky-smooth surfaces make the wheels easy to care for. In addition, the 3-coat paint finish of the wheels provides excellent protection - especially in winter use when exposed to the extreme effects of salty thaw, ice and grit.
With a "Beauty in Black" design from CMS, you provide a top winter performance!

Available sizes for all common vehicles:
C34 – 7,0x17; 7,5x18; 7,5x19
C33 – 8,0x18; 8,0x19; 8,5x20; 9,0x20
C32 – 7,5x18; 7,5x19; 8,0x19; 8,5x20
C30 – 6,5x16; 7,0x17; 7,5x18; 8,0x18; 7,5x19
C28 – 7,0x17; 7,5x18; 7,5x19; 8,0x20


CMS adds top-of-the-line TPMS sensor to its product range

CMS is excited to introduce a programmable TPMS solution that features the smallest and lightest sensor supplied to the global aftermarket, all while maintaining best-in-class lifetime performance.
The Z-Sensors, developed by the Zylux Group, provide the ultimate solution for TPMS servicing, and boasts the following advantages:
⇨ Over 25 years of experience in TPMS sensor design and development
⇨ Comprehensive coverage, encompassing 98% of all vehicles
⇨ Compatibility with all current ATEQ programming tools
⇨ Lightning-fast < 5 second programming configuration
⇨ Ultra lightweight, with a mere 23 grams in total weight
⇨ Equipped with the latest microcontroller technology
⇨ Direct fit OE replacement for BLE applications (ie TESLA)
⇨ Manufactured to OE standards, adhering to ISO21750 compliance

Our team will be happy to answer any questions you may have about technology and programming.

Simply order the sensors by mail or via our shop.
If required, we can also offer you ATEQ programming devices or programming licences.


CMS Technical Guide

New tool with many search functions

CMS supports customers and consumers with a new wheel assistant.
With the "Technical Guide" tool, we offer you even more service on our homepage:
- Approval search by wheel number or KBA no.
- All vehicle approvals of a wheel number at a glance
- Wheel number search by vehicle, design, size, bolt circle, offset or even colour
- Information on tire sizes and snow chains
- Approval Download
- Detailed vehicle information
- And much more.

Just try it out: https://cms-wheels.com

If you have any questions about this or if you need support in using or if you are looking for older CMS wheels, we would be pleased to receive your call at +49 6227 358380 or send us an email to info@cms-wheels.de.


Fascination up close with a Porsche 718 Cayman GT4

Motorsport at your fingertips, that's the NLS - fascination up close on the world's toughest race track. At no other race is one as spectator so close. Between qualifying and the race on the grid or with the team in the pits, you look directly over the shoulders of the players.

CMS has been an enthusiastic sponsor of a Porsche Cayman #962 from W&S Motorsport at the NLS, the endurance series at the Nürburgring, for two years. We have shared a passion for motorsport and a commitment to performance with the W&S Motorsport racing team from the very beginning of our cooperation.

We wish our W&S Motorsport team with drivers Niclas Wiedmann, Philip Miemois and Mauro Calamia every success.


High End in Wheels

Had you known?
CMS is one of the top 3 leading alloy wheel manufacturers in Europe:

⇨ CMS manufactures over 10 million aluminium wheels per year at 4 locations...
⇨ with state-of-the-art production facilities...
⇨ at the cutting edge of technology...
⇨ with over 4,000 employees throughout Europe.
⇨ With more than 40 years of experience as an original equipment manufacturer for the leading car manufacturers, we guarantee the highest quality standards.
⇨ Our total stock capacity for the aftermarket is permanently 230,000 wheels.
⇨ Sustainability is a topic that has been practised at CMS since the beginning.

Take a look at the current wheel range.
Use the configurator and take a view to our wheels mounted on your car.


CMS Wheels in shimmering copper coating

Copper belongs to the precious metals. Its task is to conduct energy and eliminate negativity.
At the same time, copper embodies beauty and has a harmonising effect.

With the development of a copper coating on polished surfaces, CMS transfers these properties to its wheels and thus to the entire vehicle. Copper combines particularly harmoniously with vehicle colours in shades of black, grey, green, white and blue. The wheels are protected by the copper coating and your car comes out cool right away.

State of the art designs in a shimmering copper coating are available with CMS:
⇨ C30 in sizes 17" - 19" and
⇨ C33 in sizes 18" - 20".

Configure your vehicle: https://cms-wheels.com


CMS C33 – A highlight of CMS design language

Awarded the Winner-Award of the “automotive brand contest” The World Of Mobility

Angular lines and effectively designed details give the C33 its striking appearance and enrich it with character. Dramatically elegant and meticulously engineered, it is at the cutting edge of the guidelines demanded by premium manufacturers. Lightweight and robust, it meets the desire for ever more refined optical possibilities.
In order to manifest the status of "design highlight" and to meet the demand, the color range of the C33 was recently supplemented with black gloss.

From 18" to 20" inches, the wheel is available in the four currently popular color variants: Diamond Black Gloss, Bronze, Black Gloss and in a shimmering metallic look - Diamond Black Copper.


CMS C32 in blue - Symbol for electric drive

CMS C32 - the perfect design for all vehicles with electric / hybrid drive.
Designed with a sensitive hand, the almost fully closed surface has been given a sporty and sexy line.
The wheel thus never appears too massive and uncompromisingly joins the league of leading OEM wheels. No wonder, that the C32 was celebrated immediately after its market launch!

New - in the colour version Diamond Black Blue , it reflects the symbolic colour of electric drives.
A statement for all fans of emission-free vehicles.

The C32 Diamond Black Blue is immediately available in:
7.5x19" and 8.0x19".
The C32-Diamond Black Gloss is available immediately in:
7.5x18", 7.5x19" and 8.0x19".


CMS - How to care for your wheels

Download cleaning tips before the winter break

It's changeover season again. The wheels on the cars get changed and put into storage. As the alu's are exposed to considerable impact and dirt, care before storage is essential for a long life.
To ensure a continued shiny appearance after each season, we have the following tips for you:

⇨ Use warm water and a commercially available car shampoo.
⇨ Refrain from using rim cleaners, as these often contain acidic substances that can attack the paintwork or the plastic of the hub caps.
⇨ The steam jet is not recommendable! The strong pressure of the water jet can attack the clear lacquer!
⇨ Think about the inside of the wheels as well!
⇨ The best way to remove stubborn dirt is with a rim brush and in hard-to-reach places with a toothbrush.
⇨ Rinse the wheels with clear water after cleaning and dry them with a soft cloth.
⇨ Finally apply a commercial rim wax or rim sealer and your wheels will shine in new splendour.

We have provided detailed care instructions for you on our website under "Downloads".


In winter we focus on colour

Coloured and front-polished CMS wheels also run through frosty winter months.
We have taken on the technical challenge of making coloured high-end designs winterproof with the highest paint precision.
With the designs C33, C32 and C30, we have equipped our sportiest wheels in bicolor, so they can deliver top performance in blue or copper, even on salty roads and snow!
The designs are available in the following sizes:

⇨ C33 – 8,0x18; 8,0x19; 8,5x20
⇨ C32 – 7,5x19; 8,0x19
⇨ C30 – 7,5x17; 7,5x18; 8,0x18; 7,5x19


CMS pimps small cars in red.

You want to turn your vehicle into an eye-catcher and are looking for wheels in 15" or 16"?

Then the red CMS C23 will lead you to success! With its 15 narrow accentuated spokes it looks cool right away!
And because of the wide range in all common pcds, you will find approvals for almost every vehicle. If you are not sure about red and it should be a different colour, you can choose between Diamond Black and Diamond Rim Black.

The CMS C23 in 15" and 16" is available in the colours shown above with the following applications:
⇨ 4x98, 4x100, 4x108, 5x100, 5x108, 5x112, 5x114


CMS Aero Wheel Test with TU Dresden

CMS faces testing of its two new aero designs by the Institute of Automotive Engineering at TU-Dresden.
The aim of the project was to determine the aerodynamic properties of three wheels. A test method was developed to investigate these properties in the wind tunnel of the TU Dresden.

Three technically identical wheels with different designs was selected:
CMS C26 in 8x19" a 5 double-spoke wheel with conventional rim flange as a basis for comparison.
CMS C29-Aero in 8x19" with an approx. 2 inch wide aero lip
CMS C32-Aero in 8x19" as an almost fully closed design

The wheels were tested with Nexen tyres NFera Sport 235/35R19.

The test is intended to represent driving at intercity and motorway speeds, so a speed range of 80 to 130 km/h in 10 km/h increments was set. To simulate the wind not only from the front but also from the side, the angle of the flow is varied between 0° and 25° in 5° steps.

At the beginning, the rotation increases the drag coefficient due to the additional turbulence caused by the spinning wheel. However, the drag coefficient decreases significantly with increasing speed; especially with the C32 whose geometry creates a closed surface when rotating. Here, a reduction in drag of up to 16 % (average of 12.5 %) is achieved. The C29 Aero achieved a reduction in drag of up to 5% solely due to the 2 inch wide aero lip.

We would like to thank the team of the Technical University of Dresden and Nexen Tire for providing the tyres.


CMS Germany celebrates anniversary!

Founded out of passion and successfully continued managing with this passion, CMS Germany is one of the most important wheel manufacturers in the European aftermarket. Supported and supplied by a


Heavy Duty Vehicles in Focus

Heavy duty vehicles are no longer a purely functional matter. Camping vehicles, minibuses for families or refined delivery vehicles are statement!

CMS now serves these attractive "Heavy Duty Cars" with the new design C31. A wheel look that reminds of superheroes with its distinctive elements and promises safety when handling up to 2.3 tons axle load. The wheel has the size 6.5x16 and is offered with the following applications:
5x114 / 5x118 / 5x120 / 5x130 / 5x160 / 6x130.

You can find the wheel in our configurator.


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